Gotta get a Raincoat

People weren’t messing about the rain in Vancouver. Ran anyway but didn’t massively push myself, was really unsure as to where I was going. I consulted a map of UBC and noticed a trail (trail 6) marked to Wreck Beach- i know, that’s the ‘clothing optional’ beach, but I thought if I got there I could run along the coast, it was before 8 in the morning and spilling rain so i was doubtful I’d come across any nudists offended by my preference to run in clothes. In the event though ‘trail’ 6 was actually just a very long flight of wooden steps, not good to run down, so I continued along Marine Drive instead, I passed a trail to another beach on my way back so the plan is to check that out this evening and see if it has potential for long relaxing nature jogs


Better late than Never

I promised details of yesterday’s run (feeling like I have somebody to report back to keeps me motivated, even if nobody is actually reading this). Yesterday i managed to run about 4km before my first walk pause, PROGRESS!

Also got new running shoes which actually FIT. Hurrah, first Canada run tomorrow!

Day One of the ReRun

Just back from the inaugural run and I’ve got to say (while smiling like an insane loon) that it was a bit of a brilliant success! I followed the for Dummies advice and set off at a much more moderate pace than I had been used to all Summer and instead of my usual route (Rosses Point loop via the beach and the scenic walk) decided to run towards town. I found that the slower rate made for a much nicer jog, the first 3 km was easy peasy stuff, but a little after I’d hit that mark I did find myself needing to slow to a walk for a few minutes and I took several similar little walking breaks the whole way home. Still, even though a couple of years ago I would have ran the entire distance without much exertion it felt good to be out for a long time and I suppose can’t expect to much too soon, baby steps and all that jazz. Another run tomorrow and another post about how lovely it was (well I hope it will be similarly lovely).

Back on the Road

Today the Warriors Run takes place for the 26th time and I’d imagine that even the fittest of folks descending on Strandhill are a wee bit nervous. The run is a 15km race with a difference- though it starts on paved terrain at the beachfront in Strandhill runners soon find themselves struggling through fields and heather all the way to the top of Knocknarea and back down again! Personally I’d find 15km on flat surfaces to be challenge enough. But hearing about the race has gotten me thinking. There was a time when I was fairly all right at distance running… I never hit 15km but I used to clock up about 6km four or five times a week. This was three years ago and since then I’ve made various attempts to return to running (the most recent attempt being this summer where I spent about 3 weeks only reaching about 3km a day and then went on a few trips and never got back to it, depressed at my loss of pace and endurance) but as of yet it has failed to stick.

I really do miss it though. Reading about the Run and the recommended training involved has pulled at something. I want to get my fitness up to that point again. I want to experience that gorgeous feeling of elation after a really challenging run, when you’re fully charged and energised and endorphins are coursing through you, your body grateful for the chance to show what it can do. So I am going back to it. Today will be my first run in about two weeks. I am not expecting much and I may have to walk about. I’v elooke online for guidance on getting back to running properly and hopefully this time I’ll be able to keep at it and get up to my old distances and even build on them.


Of course in two days I’m heading to Vancouver, so new terrain will have to be found and explored. Ideally I would love, when I’m starting to gain pace, to try some uphill running, maybe here


and who knows, if I keep going, perhaps I could be one of the nervous people warming up in Strandhill this time next year?